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ATTN: Starting Date and info :3 - Medieval PoT Dungeon

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August 19th, 2004

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08:25 pm - ATTN: Starting Date and info :3
okeees <3

The official start of the RP has been placed to be on August 29 so get the journals set up and join the main comm and this OOC comm :3

Since our RP just has our characters randomly scattered about the european continent it will be necessary for you to decide about where your character is (don't worry you don't have to be exact unless you want to since I SUCK at geography :P) at the start of the RP so that you can know who you may run into ^^- A good deal of the characters are travellers or at least moving so you can update us on where your character is and other stuffy on this community.

If you're a king or prince please say where your kingdom is ^^- and even if you don't have a precise country you are in in mind at least give a kind of cultural model.

Periodically me or Jen-chan will have events for certain areas. (example: fairs, intellectual gatherings, open salon, public execution, etc...) So that there's something for your characters to visit or at least talk about. You may (actually we would like you to ) take it as a very valid excuse to have some character interactions take place ♥

Once you've decided the starting point of your character please reply to this post with that information as well as contact info for RPing :3

The profiles of your character should be posted on the user info page of your character's lj for other players' reference. If there is anything that is 'secret' in your profile (like only the modsies and whoever you tell know) you don't have to publish it on the user info, maintain your mysterious aura and all~ ♥

That said, break a leg or rather have fun since yeah... ♥


(PS: hotmail is sometimes pissy, it's hard to prevent so if we don't reply your email in a few days it's probably because we can't check it or it won't let us send or something equally stupid. I'll put up my usual contact info in a reply to this post and so will Jen-chan [well I think she will ^^''] so if it's urgent or you're just eager/hyper/annoying/whatever you can poke us individually.)
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Date:August 23rd, 2004 09:39 am (UTC)
uh... Shroomy's travelled a durn lot in all these years.. I guess he'd be headed uh.. Italy-wards to search for new opponents.

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